The new age of flexible benefits

By Lee Thompson, Head of Solutions Delivery at Reward Gateway

As the world around us changes, many of my peers are entering a new world of hybrid, or even fully remote, work, yet they still have the same (lack of) technology when it comes to their working life, particularly when it comes to their benefits.

Businesses have no choice but to adapt to the world we’re in, or they’ll be left behind when it comes to attracting and retaining top candidates. To move forward, rather than backwards, employee benefits technology needs to be able to follow employees, no matter where they are.

Getting the right benefits strategy in place starts with a comprehensive understanding of how employees engage with and have awareness of their existing benefits.

A dynamic employee benefits platform can build upon an employee’s overall benefits engagement by using demographic information to suggest the right kind of benefits or cut down on decision paralysis by tailoring the benefits experience to only serve up what benefits make a meaningful difference in their employees’ lives, such as bespoke PMI schemes, tailored financial wellbeing benefits or mental health pathways.

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