Romero Insurance Brokers supports employees on their return to the office

Romero Insurance Brokers priorities wellbeing for employees returning to the office

Insurer Romero Insurance Brokers has introduced steps for its 180 employees to return to its Leeds office, and ensure that their safety and wellbeing are supported.

Romero’s risk management team announced that the situation was safe enough for employees to return to work starting from 15 June 2020.

The organisation has created a number of risk management strategies to minimise the potential spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), including social distancing within the office and hand sanitising stations on every floor.

In addition to providing a safe space of work for employees, the organisation’s benefits will be available to them on their return. This includes free tea and coffee, an on-site tuckshop and charity fundraising activities. While employees have been working remotely, the business offered online Pilates classes, mindfulness sessions, and a bikes-for-work scheme, to ensure that they can take care of their physical and mental wellbeing, and can avoid public transport if they wish to. The organisation plans to continue offering these schemes to employees as they return to the office.

The organisation also organised outdoor activities for when the office reopened which includes group walks and outdoor fitness sessions, set to begin in July.

Romero Insurance Brokers ran a survey to gain an insight on employees’ views about returning to the office.

Simon Mabb, managing director at Romero Insurance Brokers, says: “Through these insights, we have tried to introduce solutions for the concerns that our employees feel when returning to work.

“We are not expecting those on the high or moderate-risk list to return. As being in the office together as one team is so important, we are prioritising getting everyone back into the routine of full-time office work. We are however open to being flexible with unique individual needs such as childcare or transport issues.”

Romero has also introduced TableNow memberships for all employees to support the hospitality and leisure industry when restaurants and bars are able to reopen. This will give employees the opportunity to save money at local restaurants.

“From a business perspective, we want to be ready and waiting to help our clients as industries get up-and-running again,” says Mabb. “Being back in our physical offices and surrounded by our colleagues is important to our employees too. We’ve worked hard to create a positive workplace culture where our people thrive and it’s fantastic for us to be able to welcome everyone back.”

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