Coffin Mew to introduce new employee proposition for 220 staff

Liz Cheaney Coffin Mew

Regional law firm Coffin Mew is to introduce a range of new employee benefits and workplace initiatives from April 2019 as part of its talent attraction and retention strategy.

The new proposition, which is particularly focused on tackling gender equality and agile working, has been designed to align with the firm’s wider business strategy by focusing on a ‘Best People Deal’. This is a promise made to employees in return for their productivity and excellent work.

Liz Cheaney (pictured), HR director at Coffin Mew, said: “The way we attract and retain the best has changed. Coffin Mew wants to challenge the stereotype of law firm working; we already offer a relaxed dress down approach and flexible working, but now we are really putting equality and diversity at the forefront of our people strategy, by being proudly transparent with our gender pay gap information, implementing new policies to address gender-related role stereotypes and antiquated societal expectations of women and men as parents and carers, enhancing the element of choice in our benefits package and involving our employees in contributing to our innovation strategy.”

The employee proposition includes enhanced pension contributions that are linked to length of service, enhanced maternity pay, a return-to-work bonus for new mothers finishing maternity or adoption leave, six weeks of fully paid leave for new fathers and same-sex partners, and a performance incentivised sabbatical programme.

There will also be top quartile level pay, benefits and reward options for strong performers, as well as new platforms to help staff improve their physical and mental health.

In terms of agile working, Coffin Mew will implement flexible start and end times to a model ranging from 7am to 3pm, to 11am to 7pm and will invest in new technologies, both hardware and software, to help create home, office and hub-based working options.

The new proposition will also enable employees to have their voices heard by the organisation more; for example, an Innovation Group will allow staff to have a seat at the board table. Employees will also be given opportunities to help shape Coffin Mew’s people policies, and will be awarded funding to socialise and develop networks.

The firm will further offer flexible career paths to enable career development regardless of personal circumstances.

The elements included in the new employee proposition were the result of a 12-month consultation period with employees. The board signed off on the final proposition at the end of 2018, and it was communicated to staff prior to Christmas. A formal launch event will take place on 10 April 2019.

Cheaney continued: “Our new offering is the result of 12 months of discussion and collaboration with our staff and partners and is based on four pillars: engagement, excellence, productivity and wellbeing. It is designed to impact positively on staff wellbeing and performance, as well as client experience and results, and therefore makes perfect business sense. It’s the whole deal [that the] best people expect, and forward-thinking firms require.”