SumUp ensures it offers an age-inclusive benefits package

SumUp older employeesSumUp offers multiple benefits to support its older employees to ensure they feel valued in their roles.

The global financial technology firm that provides merchants with card readers and payment solutions has more than 3,000 employees globally.

Its benefits offering for UK-based employees includes the SumUp corporate pension scheme,  private medical insurance and life insurance cover, which it primarily markets towards its older staff. Globally, it offers sabbaticals after three years at the firm, known as Break4Me. In the workplace, it caters to the needs of older employees’ physical comfort through ergonomic workspace design and adjustable desks.

The organisation also offers part-time hours and remote working for all employees.

To prevent age-related bias in hiring, promotion or transfers, SumUp is vigilant about the language used in job postings and adverts, explains Felizitas Lichtenberg, global head of diversity and inclusion, wellbeing and environmental, social and corporate governance.

“Our hiring managers and recruiters undergo training on inclusive practices, specifically focusing on age inclusion,” she says. “We also integrate discussions on biases and microaggressions into our organisation-wide inclusive leadership workshop. Additionally, we’ve developed a language guide to encourage more inclusive written communication.”

SumUp believes that the professional development of older workers depends on keeping them up to date with the latest industry developments and technology trends, which is why it offers an annual learning budget for things such as language courses for employees worldwide. It aims to recognise and praise its older workforce for any newly acquired industry skills, while also noting that they contribute much-needed knowledge and expertise gathered from years of experience.

It adheres to a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment and discrimination in line with its code of conduct, which also applies to any age-related discrimination. It established a SpeakUp platform for staff to report any concerns about inappropriate behaviour, while its employee networks serve as a foundational platform for discussion and create a community for staff to come together and support each other from afar.

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Showcasing a clear path for development irrespective of age demonstrates that there is space for career growth within an organisation that is applicable to any age, says Lichtenberg.

“In Brazil, we have an employee network specifically for employees aged 40 and above. We do our best to ensure that our older workers feel cared for and appreciated through our healthcare benefits and additional wellbeing policies. Above all, the older generation appreciate an inclusive work environment and having that freedom of flexibility with part-time hours and working from home,” she concludes.