How much do you need to pay for your benefits platform?

We are living in unprecedented times across the globe. Times that call for courage and vision by its leaders to take the right steps in managing the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and come up with practical solutions to take us forward. This is no different in the employee benefits industry.

While it is tempting for employers to suspend investments in benefits and cut costs, I believe that the crisis caused by the pandemic creates the opportunity for the benefits industry to review what it delivers to employers.

We know that the world of work will change going forward as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the workplace of the future shifting to greater remote working and the introduction of social distancing. This means that there will be a greater need by employers to focus on engaging and communicating with employees.

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New digital entrants offer benefit platforms that are quick and easy to set up and don’t involve complex and costly IT configurations. Importantly, they provide all the engagement and communication tools that employers need as well as a full range of benefits that include health and wellbeing and reward and recognition.

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