Crawford and Company launches UK staff menopause support

Claims management and outsourcing solutions provider Crawford and Company has launched a menopause policy and support framework for UK employees to mark World Menopause Day (18 October).

The employer, which has signed the Workplace Menopause Pledge, has committed to raising awareness and providing support for employees affected by the condition and now offers dedicated counselling before, during and after the onset of symptoms through its Health Assured employee assistance programme. It has also amended its sickness absence policy to include optional menopause additional leave of up to 10 days for women experiencing symptoms.

In addition, the Crawford and Company has developed a staff menopause guide to encourage more conversation, increase awareness and signpost to support resources, and has launched training for leaders and managers delivered by specialist provider Henpicked.

Other key components of the policy include a series of podcasts with guest speakers sharing experiences and recommending resources, webinars with health experts, medical support from Axa PPP Healthcare for employees qualifying for private medical insurance cover, and the promotion of the free Balance app, which allows subscribers to track and manage symptoms, access personalised advice and share experiences.

Menopause awareness also features in Crawford’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Month, which is a series of virtual sessions and activities focusing on inclusion for employees around the world throughout October.

Lisa Bartlett, Crawford’s UK and Ireland president, commented that the menopause has a profound impact on a huge and growing portion of the workforce and it is time to break the taboo.

“The lack of awareness and stigma around this subject prevents far too many women from accessing support at what can be a pivotal time in their careers. Crawford is committed to equipping all our employees and line managers with the knowledge, resources and confidence to speak openly and honestly about these issues so that menopausal women get the help they need,” she said.