The benefits offered by TGI Friday’s

TGI Friday's

The benefits offered by TGI Friday’s:


  • A defined contribution (DC) pension scheme via the National Employment Savings Trust (Nest): staff save 5% of their salary and TGI Friday’s contributes 3%.
  • Managers and directors of operations can opt to save into a group personal pension (GPP), provided by Standard Life, which enables them to put aside 4% of their salary, which the employer matches. Executive team members can also use the GPP arrangement and contribute 5% while TGI Friday’s pays in 10%.


  • Following the acquisition of the UK franchise, members of the previous Whitbread pension have group life assurance as part of their legacy package; this has also been made available to all new employees.
  • Group income protection is provided on an employer-paid basis to 35 legacy senior leaders. This is not available for new staff.
  • Employer-paid personal accident insurance is provided to senior leaders.

Pay and bonuses

  • Managers and support centre staff are part of a bonus structure, paid on two occasions, in the summer and at the end of the year.

Health and wellbeing

  • Private medical insurance (PMI) is available on an employer-paid basis for executive and senior level employees, who can extend the provision to family members. A group of employees receive employer-paid family cover as part of a legacy package, however, this ceased for new employees several years ago. All other employees repay the difference in the premium.
  • The organisation can also add ineligible employees that undergo a sudden illness, to help them access treatment.
  • Critical illness insurance is provided for senior leaders on an employer-paid basis.
  • Employer-paid eye tests are offered to managers and staff based at TGI Friday’s support centre.
  • Employee assistance programme (EAP).

Family-friendly benefits

  • Flexible-working opportunities.
  • Statutory maternity leave is available for all employees, while enhanced maternity pay is offered to salaried managers and support centre staff with more than two years’ service. The enhanced offering equates to 12 weeks of leave at full pay and eight weeks at half pay.
  • Statutory paternity leave.


  • Support centre staff and managers can access a company car or cash equivalent; employees who travel less than 10,000 miles a year can opt for a cash award, while those that commute further can select the company car option.
  • Full time employees and managers receive a total of 25 days of annual leave, plus time in lieu for bank holidays. This is scaled on a pro-rata basis for part time staff.
  • All members of staff receive a 50% discount on food and drink at TGI Friday’s restaurants for groups of up to four people.
  • Staff can get free soft drinks, coffees and teas at TGI Friday’s restaurants.
  • On-shift managers and team members working at least a 10-hour shift can have a free meal.
  • Retail discounts and offers are available via the organisation’s Academy app.
  • Multi-layered recognition programme, including scratch cards, badges and annual celebrations.