Webinar: How The Great Adjustment will influence HR priorities in 2022

Author: Cristina Stoica, Growth Marketing Manager at Reward Gateway

“The Great Resignation” was the big topic of conversation last year, but as we look ahead, we can see that we’re now heading into the era of “The Great Adjustment.” More than ever, employees are insisting that they work where they feel appreciated, valued and supported, at a company that they can trust.

Join our upcoming webinar to discuss with Robert Hicks, Group HR Director at Reward Gateway and industry thought leader, the opportunities HR have in 2022 and learn:

  • How successful companies are embracing employee must-haves
  • The new definition of flexibility in relation to your people and your business
  • The importance of simplifying the employee experience
  • How to develop a culture of engagement that leads to higher productivity and retention.

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