Keep up Your Yoga Classes From Home!

Hands up if you’re missing your yoga classes? With its undeniable benefits – improving your strength, flexibility and posture; reducing stress and boosting wellbeing to name a few – now is more important than ever to keep up your yoga routine.

Fear not! Incorpore Ltd has teamed up with Yogaia to bring employees discounted subscriptions through both the MyGymDiscounts and MyActiveDiscounts schemes.

Yogaia is the only live-streamed studio offering yoga-class-realness 24/7. You can even interact with your carefully selected, die-hard yoga instructor. No matter what your ability and tastes, Yogaia pride themselves on having the class and instructor for you.

We wanted to know how it all started so we reached out to Yogaia:

“The idea for interactive, live online yoga classes came to Mikko Petäjä, the founder, when struggling with fitting yoga into his busy life. With a family of three boys at home, attending yoga classes seemed to be causing stress, not relieving it. That dilemma sparked the dream of an online yoga studio that would offer yoga classes fitting around our lives, not the other way around.”

With schools currently closed and employees desperately trying to fit their workouts into new routines, Mikko Petäjä’s experience sounds all too familiar.

But with a flood of online fitness services emerging since the Covid-19 epidemic has disrupted our gym-going, what exactly makes Yogaia stand out from the crowd?

With carefully picked, world-class instructors chosen for their ability to connect with people, Yogaia want their teachers to be able to build ongoing relationships with their global community.

“The connection that you get with our professional, down-to-earth teachers online, is unique – especially with live classes. It builds motivation and inspires you to take better care of yourself! There are always fresh new classes, so you never get bored!”

Yoga can seem serious but Yogaia makes it fun! One instructor recalls a funny story from a live yoga class, “At the start of the class we lay down with eyes closed. One of our participants was recording herself on her phone when her twins, who were toddlers, entered the room and ran away with her phone!” The instructor added, “I honestly struggled to hold in my laughter.

Are you unsure if Yogaia would be suitable for you? “You can be a total beginner or an advanced practitioner – and you can even get the kids involved too! It’s for everyone who’s seeking to improve their mind and body health.

95% of Yogaia users have experienced clear positive changes in their wellbeing. One of their users raved, “I’ve never liked doing Yoga from home before, but now I crave it.”

Want to give MyActiveDiscounts a try?

For a limited time only, we are offering exclusive access to our range of discounts to support your active lifestyle during the Covid-19 epidemic. Visit and use the code STAYACTIVE to register.

Interested in offering your employees access to Yogaia?

Contact [email protected] for more information on our MyGymDiscounts and MyActiveDiscounts schemes.

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What is Yogaia’s favourite, self-confessed, bad yoga joke?

‘My doctor told me to try yoga to reduce stress. I told her that it seemed like a bit of a stretch.’