launches music-based wellbeing programme


Online retailer and customer service business has launched a new music-based wellbeing programme for its Las Vegas-based employees, encouraging staff to learn an instrument as a means to reduce stress.

The new programme, Strum for the Sole, was implemented on 27 August 2019 in partnership with music brand Fender. The initiative aims to enhance employees’ work-life balance, reduce stress and promote creativity, self-expression and confidence through music learning.

Available on an opt-in basis, Strum for the Sole enables all employees to access the Fender Play app, a guided online learning programme that teaches beginner musicians how to play either the guitar, bass or ukulele.

As part of the new programme, Fender will be outfitting’s dedicated ‘Jam Room’ (pictured) at its Las Vegas headquarters, where employees are encouraged to go to relax during the working day, with instruments, amps and accessories. This includes guitars and basses from Fender’s Player, Vintera and California series. employees will further receive a discount on selected Fender instruments and gear, should they wish to purchase additional equipment for at-home or personal use.

Bhawna Provenzano, director of employee benefits and diversity at, said: “This programme is all about fostering creative energy and offering an alternative way to de-stress at home or in the office.

“We believe that music could play a huge role in encouraging our employees to have a positive relationship with their mental, emotional and overall health. It might be a little weird, but we know for sure it’ll be fun.”