WW UK launches menopause policies

WW UK has introduced a range of policies to help employees experiencing the menopause.

The organisation, formerly known as Weight Watchers, implemented its Menopause Matters drive following an extensive research project among 1,000 women who have experienced the transition.

Six in 10 of these women said there was a lack of understanding about the menopause, 53% found there was a lack of information and 55% answered that there was a lack of support.

Initiatives brought in by WW include 26 weeks of paid leave; flexible working options; provision of safe spaces and equipment such as desk fans and a calm, cool reflection room.

The employer has also introduced specific training for mental health first aiders and managers to ensure they have the knowledge, skill and support required, and created a menopause toolkit outlining all the available support.

In addition, as 87% of WW’s UK employees are female and 61% of these are aged between 41 and 65 years, it is working towards securing Menopause Friendly Employer accreditation for 2022.

According to the business, the policies and accreditation push are an important part of its commitment to being a voice for change and better representing perimenopausal and menopausal women, as well as providing support for their friends, families and partners.

Anna Hill, general manager of WW UK, explained that although conversations around the menopause are starting, tackling the stigma around it was urgently needed.

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“In everything we do, we aim to be fully inclusive and help all our employees be at their best with their wellbeing at the forefront,” she said.

“We’ve been working hard to create a safe environment where we can talk openly about the menopause, and personally I’m delighted that we can now offer this increased support to women at this time of life.”