Working from home: Spotify survival guide

spotify survival guide

Working from home can be lonely, particularly when self-isolation is thrown into the mix.

To help employees cope with this period of isolation, Employee Benefits has compiled a list of Spotify playlists, aimed at beating the blues, boosting productivity, and making self-isolation a little less isolating.

The perfect work playlist

Highlights: Feelgood and chillout tunes, regularly updated.

Work from home

Highlights: ’00s classics, including Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga.

Coronavirus handwashing songs

Highlights: Each song has a 20-second chorus, to create some variety while staying safe.


Highlights: Classic tracks, from The Beatles to Destiny’s Child, curated by actress Rita Wilson after her own Coronavirus diagnosis.

Motivation mix

Highlights: Uplifting songs with a strong beat, aimed at pushing through motivational slumps.

Work from home classics

Highlights: From Bach to Satie, this relaxing playlist is all about boosting wellbeing while you work.