Whataburger employees use TikTok to communicate about lost phone

Whataburger employees
Credit: Barre Kelley / Shutterstock.com

Something for the weekend: Several Whataburger employees came up with an inventive way of communicating with a customer who left her phone in their restaurant: uploading a video of themselves onto her TikTok account.

The video, which has now gone viral with more than two million views and nearly 1,900 comments, shows workers at the American fast food chain telling TikTok user messyymadie to come back to their restaurant in Tallahassee, Florida to collect her phone.

“You left your phone! Come and get it! If you’re seeing this and you love your friend, tell her to come and get her phone,” said one of the employees in the video, while holding the phone up so several others can be seen talking to the owner in the background.

Another employee joked that the owner had 14 days to collect her phone or one of them would take the phone, but the employee holding it said: “Don’t listen to her. We love you. Please come back.”

The phone’s owner wrote in the caption: “PLEASEEE [sic] THIS IS SOOO FUNNY,” so clearly appreciated the way in which the employees communicated the message to her.

Other TikTok users noticed how the staff seem to be in good spirits, with one user stating that Whataburger has “some of the nicest workers” and other comments describing them as “hilarious”, “sweet” and “cute.”

“I would go there for lunch every day. We would all be besties. Lol this is so cute,” said user ashleypg511.

“Give ALL of them a raise,” user Kish MuhGish added.

“Whataburger needs to use this video to recruit employees [because] these are the coworkers I need in my life,” commented SassandLaughs.

We at Employee Benefits think this is an ingenious way of getting messages across. Perhaps this might inspire other employers to come up with attention-grabbing methods of communicating with current or prospective employees…