Silverbean uses occupational health to support its wellbeing strategy

Digital marketing agency Silverbean has offices in Newcastle and Teesside, employing a team of 65 people, and growing. Since launching in 2002, the organisation has made occupational health a key focus of its overall employee wellbeing strategy.

Chief operating officer Damian Hall says: “As a fast-growing agency, wellbeing has always been our priority, which has resulted in low staff turnover and high productivity. Occupational health services are a key part of our overall wellbeing offering, ensuring that Silverbean employees can find the support they need, whenever they need it.”

The employer’s occupational health service includes health assessments, stress assessments, counselling, and a confidential helpline. Silverbean also offers a number of wellbeing initiatives, including a bikes-for-work scheme, nutritional advice, and free on-site massages. In addition, there is an employee assistance programme (EAP) available to staff when support is needed.

“These initiatives are not just a ‘nice to have’, but an integral part of our overall commercial strategy,” says Hall. “Being a great place to work is not only reflected in overall employee happiness, but also in the quality of service they provide to our clients.”

While larger organisations often have in-house occupational health departments, smaller employers like Silverbean can partner with external providers in order to provide these services.

Employee feedback has been useful for the organisation in identifying the services that are truly needed. He adds: “We find that gathering sentiment scores and feedback from staff is useful in understanding the real impact that occupational health services and the overall wellbeing strategy is having.”

Hall concludes: “The challenges for a smaller business will always be there, resources, cost, time, but if [is is] striving to be an employer of choice, [its] people need to see that [it has] their best interests truly at heart.

“The right occupational health services don’t have to be expensive, but they do have to be right for the individuals within a business.”

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