Salesforce introduces global gender inclusive benefits

SalesforceCloud-based software business Salesforce has launched global gender inclusive benefits this month (November) to provide financial and emotional support to all of its transgender and non-binary employees across the world.

Designed in partnership with its LGBTQ+ staff resource group Outforce, the organisation, which has more than 50,000 workers across the world, is offering reimbursement of up to £30,000 in financial support for those going through gender affirmation medical procedures and treatments. This includes comprehensive coverage for surgeries, prescription drugs, hormonal therapy, hair transplant and removal, and more.

A total of four weeks of paid leave will be available for employees to take the time they need to recover after gender affirmation procedures, as well as a new wardrobe reimbursement of up to £375 for those who are affirming their gender to help them look and feel their best. A legal fee reimbursement of up to £750 has also been introduced to help workers navigate the hurdles of legally confirming their gender and updating government-issued identification.

In addition, the organisation is providing counselling services support for transgender and non-binary employees and their loved ones, with mental health services available at each step of their journey, as well as working with employee advocacy programme Warmline Support to provide LGBTQ+ members of staff with a safe space for confidential conversations carried out with advocates focused on belonging, equity and career navigation.

Terri Moloney, senior director of employee success at Salesforce, explained that the business is working hard to build a culture that makes all workers feel safe, valued, seen, and heard and it believes these new benefits are an important step on that journey.

“Categorising this initiative as helping wellbeing or productivity makes a false distinction. Creating a culture of equality isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s also the smart thing. It empowers us to innovate, build deeper connections with our customers, and ultimately become a better company,” Moloney said.