Sackers launches carer’s leave policy and commits to support neurodiversity

Sackers carer’s leave policy

Law firm Sackers has introduced an enhanced carer’s leave policy and has become a member of the Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment and Neurodiversity (Gain).

The firm’s policy, which is a day one employment right, will see employees able to take paid time off for up to one week in a 12-month rolling period. It also incorporates its Time off to Care for Dependants policy into a single initiative to provide enhanced pay for those who need to take time off to deal with any unplanned leave, such as an emergency or a sudden incident involving a dependant.

Sackers chose to offer above the statutory minimum, which provides employees with one week of unpaid leave per year for providing or arranging care for a dependant who has a long-term care need. The leave can be taken in one continuous block, individual, or half days.

The firm has also become a member of Gain as a demonstration of its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. Through its membership, it will champion neurodiversity, make its office and working practices more neuroinclusive and benefit from Gain’s industry specific support, advice and guidance, which includes a community hub for neurodivergent employees and allies.

Debbie Holmes, director of HR at Sackers, said: “Balancing the demands of caring for others with work and looking after our own wellbeing can be challenging, particularly without the appropriate support. At Sackers, we place a lot of importance on the wellbeing of our staff and this policy provides carers with the comfort and reassurance that they can continue in their roles while taking paid time off to focus on their caring responsibilities when they arise.”

David Saunders, senior partner of Sackers, added: “Sackers has a long tradition of championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We want all our staff to excel. Our membership of Gain is an important step in enhancing our support for neurodivergent colleagues and industry partners. Making Sackers as neuroinclusive a place to work and meet as possible will benefit us, our clients, and the business as a whole.”