Not All Salary Sacrifice Car Schemes Are The Same – Here’s Why Pink Salary Exchange Is Different

Salary sacrifice car schemes are an increasingly common facility offered to employees, particularly with the growing popularity of electric vehicles and how they are linked to the greatest benefits in the scheme. It is now possible for employees to sacrifice a portion of their gross salary in return for a zero-emission vehicle, which means they benefit in real cash terms by paying less income tax and national insurance 

 There are plenty of other benefits in principle with salary sacrifice car schemes for the employee; leasing a vehicle is a cost-effective manner of motoring compared to buying, the driver’s carbon footprint is reduced by driving an electric vehicle, the employee has a wide choice of new and used vehicles to choose from and there are no additional service and maintenance costs, everything is included in one convenient payment. For the employer, there is a better engagement and retention of employees through offering a salary sacrifice scheme, fleet costs are easier to manage and both CO2 emissions and national insurance payments are reduced for the business.  

Pink Salary Exchange offer a unique salary sacrifice car scheme 

But not all salary sacrifice car schemes are the same. Pink Salary Exchange have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and have used this knowledge and experience to build key relationships with vehicle manufacturers and experts in tax and insurance. This has enabled us to design the next generation of salary sacrifice car schemes and therefore offer a unique product that is unrivalled in the range of specific benefits it offers both the employee and the employer.  

In addition to the amazing benefits listed above, and which are common to all salary sacrifice car schemes, the Pink Salary Exchange scheme can offer: 

  • Flexibility – Our lease terms can range from six months to 48 months, giving the driver the freedom to choose a contract to suit them and a finance package to suit. 
  • Low-risk – The employee is not tied to our salary sacrifice car scheme, which means that if they leave the company for whatever reason, they are not liable for the ongoing cost of the lease deal and the vehicle can be returned when they terminate their employment. Furthermore, there is no cost for setting-up an employee on the scheme, which provides a completely risk-free product.  
  • Multi-bid – Our years of experience in the industry means we are able to get the best available deals with the best vehicle manufacturers at any one time. So the employee can choose from a huge range of affordable electric vehicles when they come to select a new or used car.  
  • New and used vehicles – We have the only salary sacrifice car scheme which offers both new and used electric vehicles. The beauty of a vehicle lease deal is that you are always driving a new vehicle with every new lease you take on, but with Pink Salary Exchange you also have the option of browsing used vehicles. This could be a much cheaper option and really appeals to many employees that set themselves up on the scheme. 
  • Grey fleet management – Our scheme is a great way for businesses to ensure compliance with their grey fleet responsibilities, which is the fleet management of vehicles which are not owned by the business but are used for business purposes.  
  • No deposit – There is no deposit required to secure an electric vehicle through the Pink Salary Exchange salary sacrifice car scheme.  
  • Online portal – Our unique online management portal provides simple digital set-up and support, with employee profiles and vehicle information that is easy to maintain and adds great benefits in terms of fleet management and compliance. 

We have worked extremely hard to design the best product currently available on the market and we are very proud to make the Pink Salary Exchange scheme widely available to all employees. We believe our scheme can realise 15% extra cost savings compared to other salary sacrifice car schemes, so get in touch today and make sure you buy-in to the next generation and offer your employees the best product for the best people.