Launching global benefits technology in APAC

Launching an employee benefits platform in multiple territories can be daunting, but it can also pay off, big time! We spoke to Tatiana Beidar who, during her time at Salesforce, implemented a brand-new benefits platform across several regions with huge success.

“When looking at any new technology or initiative or process, the key thing I always consider is our employees’ experience. We saw that mobility around the APAC region was common, but the experience of these employees differed from country to country. Our people had sometimes found it difficult to learn about their benefits or even access the relevant details of benefits vendors when moving to another territory, so we wanted – as far as possible – to standardise our benefits solution across the APAC region. Accessibility is key here; when looking at our technology, we made sure SSO was in place wherever possible, and that all benefits content was well-signposted so employees could find all the relevant information quickly and easily.”

Read Tatiana’s full interview here, including further details on rolling out across APAC, how the platform was able to maintain strategic focus with local aims, and more!