Vodafone supports global employees via tracker app

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 16.02.38Mobile communication provider Vodafone uses International SOS to help protect staff based overseas and travelling on business. The business uses the TravelTracker app and security and medical services, says John Bernard, senior security manager, personnel and asset protection at Vodafone.

“[We] can get 24/7 support in most languages,” he explains. “I don’t want our colleagues being bounced around when they need this support. If [they’re] using the service [they] are either looking for assurance, support or intelligence, so [they] don’t want to be passed from pillar to post.”

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The service was vital during November’s terrorist attacks in Paris. “We operate as a 24-hour business, so it was vital we knew very quickly that our people were safe, secure and they were aware of the situation,” says Bernard. “Using the TravelTracker tool we had the ability to get the data regarding travellers in and out of Paris very quickly, and this helped the team and I to focus our efforts in the right place. In situations [such as] this, which are becoming more frequent, every second counts.”

Bernard views these services as an important benefit. “[With employees] travelling anywhere [we] need to be able to support them should a situation occur, advise them before they go, and gather feedback on their return. Knowing where [our] people are and being able to react quickly when things do go wrong is vital in today’s world. I would be very surprised if any organisation didn’t think the same.”