Five Simple Steps to Overcome Stress in the Workplace

Today, Saturday 6th November is National Stress Awareness Day. With that in mind, a ridiculous one in five UK employees feels stress in the workplace more days a month than not. A further 39% believe that lack of sleep and financial wellbeing are some of the top contributing factors to workplace stress. With statistics like these, combating stress in the workplace should be at the top of companies’ agendas.

It is hard to ignore the warning signs such as lower employee engagement and decreased mental wellbeing. Looking out for your people is vital to team success and overall welfare.

What Can Cause Stress?

As previously mentioned, some of the top causes of stress in the workplace are lack of sleep and financial wellbeing. We are all too familiar with COVID-19’s impact on the UK’s pockets, which continues to the workplace. Therefore, no matter the cause of stress, employers must seek ways to help their people overcome stress in the workplace.

How to Combat Stress in the Workplace?

Progressive companies will be looking for ways to alleviate stress in the workplace. Here are five simple steps to help do just that.

1. Start your day right.

We all know the saying ‘start as you mean to go on’, and it’s certainly true regarding stress in the workplace. Make sure your people are approached kindly in the morning and have an excellent environment to start their day.

Although you cannot control their morning routines, encouraging the proper breakfasts and travel to work can positively influence their days. For some individuals who struggle financially, employee vouchers for supermarkets as rewards and recognition could help lessen financial wellbeing and stress at work.

2. Practise Mindfulness to Reduce

Encourage mindfulness in and out of work. Apps like headspace can offer free and paid for activities to help lessen stress in the workplace and anxieties.

3. Wellbeing Hub

Additionally, introducing Wellbeing Hub’s can give your people access to appropriate, helpful and impartial advice that will make a huge difference. Here at Each Person, we offer a platform that allows you to do just that, alongside other perks at work such as Ecards.

4. Create a Quiet Space

Office spaces can be bleak, busy and noisy. Therefore, creating a quiet space where your people can escape can dramatically change the workplace environment, even if this is one small space or room in the office.

5. Recognise Employees

Finally, be sure to make it your priority to recognise your people when they work hard. Individuals will feel more appreciated and cared for, accordingly.

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