EXCLUSIVE: Colt Technology Services launches employee recognition programme

Colt Technology Services

EXCLUSIVE: Telecommunications organisation Colt Technology Services has launched a recognition programme for its workforce, which numbers 5,000 employees across 22 countries.

The programme, known as Colt Inspire, was introduced in October using Xexec’s employee recognition portal. Employees can use the platform to nominate one another for multiple financial and non-financial awards, including peer-to-peer thank yous, special occasions, instant financial awards, quarterly awards, career milestone awards and a CEO award.

The programme features a multi-currency programme, incorporating cost of living index calculators alongside local country redemption catalogues with retail vouchers and multi-currency prepaid cards.

Masha Boldyreva (pictured), interim executive vice president of HR at Colt Technology Services, said: “At Colt, we strive to be the most customer-oriented business in the industry. To meet such a goal, we aim to foster a challenger culture and an important part of that is recognising the team members who fundamentally contribute to what we stand for.”

The programme was promoted to employees via an integrated launch marketing campaign across internal print and digital media, including email-distributed video teasers.

Boldyreva said: “This new recognition programme and portal allow us to improve our employees’ experience as we reward the behaviours that are vital to us, make our systems more engaging to use, and align our practices to be simple and transparent. Xexec has proved to be a responsive and creative partner and the result is a meaningful and compelling recognition solution for all our global employees.”

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The portal has been built for mobile, tablet and desktop devices and includes a Facebook-style newsfeed, with winner entries, messaging and likes. Back-end functions include cost centre budget management, bespoke reporting and RSS feeds into the company intranet.

Jamie King, head of global reward at Xexec, said: “Due to the size and geographical scope of this scheme, this was an ambitious and complex programme to develop and we’re delighted to be involved. Colt is a really exciting, dynamic business and it’s great to see them taking reward and recognition so seriously and delivering a solution with such passion.”