Botanist Trinity restaurant in Leeds seeks Yorkshire pudding taster

Yorkshire pudding taster

Something for the weekend: A restaurant in Leeds is looking to recruit a Yorkshire pudding taster to perfect its Sunday roast offering.

Sebastian, the head chef of the Botanist Trinity in Granary Wharf has placed an advert on community platform Airtasker, offering £250 to a Yorkshire pudding lover who agrees to get stuck into the job and help him refine his recipe.

The lucky candidate will be served a wide range of Yorkshire puddings, with gravy, of course, made using different methods. The taster’s feedback will be used, according to the chef, to settle arguments around whose family recipe is the best.

The advert is targeting Yorkshire residents who feel they have an insight into what makes the perfect Yorkshire pudding.

Prospective candidates are being asked to comment below the job posting, recalling the most memorable roast dinner they have ever had.

“The applicant with the story that makes us laugh or cry the most will be given the chance to join us at the tasting session,” writes Sebastian.

Applicants have until 22 November to impress with their roast-related reminiscences. Judging by the number of comments already received, they may face some hot competition for the job.

Here at Employee Benefits, we are sure we could rise to the occasion, but we cannot decide which one of the team would be best for the role. Perhaps Botanist Trinity will accept a joint application…