7 reasons to provide hormone testing for employees

AUTHOR: Ruby Relton BSc MSc

Why test your hormones?

Our hormones govern our health by carefully coordinating many functions across our body. When this system gets out of order, it can have a big impact on our sleep, weight, mood and energy. Our hormonal health tells us a lot about our overall health – in fact, leading experts consider our menstrual cycle to be the 6th vital sign alongside heart rate, body temperature, pain, blood pressure and respiratory rate. We normalise symptoms relating to periods such as heavy or irregular bleeding and mood swings and dismiss these as “women’s problems” – when these may not be “normal” and might be indicative of an underlying health issue.

What can an at-home hormone test tell you?

Hertility Health’s clinically validated at-home hormone tests tests give you insights on –
● Hormonal imbalances which might be impacting sleep, mood, energy or skin
● Thyroid dysfunction which might be impacting weight gain or loss
● Why you are experiencing irregular periods or symptoms
● Your fertility picture, including ovarian reserve and fertility decline
● Reasons why you may be struggling to get pregnant
● Whether you have one of the 9 most common gynaecological conditions (e.g. PCOS)

Benefits of offering remote hormone testing as part of your well-being package

Women account for approximately half of the workforce in the United Kingdom.

As a forward-thinking employer, there are multiple reasons why it is beneficial to offer your female employees access to comprehensive hormone health testing:

1. Improves employees’ mental health.

● 90% of people experience depression as a result of infertility.
● Access to education and proactive hormone testing can help catch any issues early, prevent invasive treatment and put their mind at ease.

2. Increases both retention and attraction of employees.

● 68% of employees are willing to change their jobs to ensure fertility coverage, rising to 90% in those with fertility issues – the average cost to replace an employee is £31k.
● Be a trailblazer and support your employees across their reproductive life stages with fertility, family forming and menopause benefits.

3. Boosts performance and motivation.

● Up to 80% of women reported presenteeism as a result of menstrual-related symptoms, equating to a loss in productivity of almost 23.2 days per year (BMJ).
● Quicker diagnosis of health issues can increase productivity in the workplace.

4. Reduce unplanned employee time off.

● 19% of women take over 8 weeks off due to menopausal symptoms (UNISON).
● On-demand access to reproductive health specialists means that your employees are not waiting weeks for referrals.

5. Testing from the comfort of employees’ homes.

● Employees don’t need to take extra time out of their day going to a clinic, and with a turn-around time of 10 days – employees don’t need to wait for results either.
● Remember… whilst we WFH, our homes are our workplaces.

6. Facilitate an inclusive environment in your workplace.

● Women or gender diverse people AFAB experiencing reproductive health issues are highly unlikely to confide in their employers about why they need time off (BMJ).
● Workplace education can help to de-stigmatise conversations around reproductive health and promote a more inclusive environment.

7. It is about so much more than just fertility.

● Taking stock of your overall hormone health can give insights into symptoms such as stress, emotional wellbeing, fatigue, hormonal acne and bloating – it is a comprehensive approach to improving your general health and wellbeing.

Hertility strives to provide your employees with that eureka moment and have received incredible feedback to date – “THIS is why I am so tired all the time, THIS is why my mood fluctuates at this point in the cycle”. We enable individuals to become in tune with their own bodies, saving them time, money and energy.

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Hertility Health is shaping the future of Reproductive Health by giving women the ability to understand and manage their hormone health from menstruation to menopause. 1 in 3 women suffer with a reproductive health issue, yet conversations around fertility, menopause and menstrual symptoms are still stigmatised in the workplace. As employees suffer in silence – up to £4k is lost per employee per year due to reduced productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism.

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