69% of HR leaders struggle to improve employee experience

New data has revealed that 69% of HR leaders admit that their efforts to improve employee experience are being prevented by a lack of a clear strategy.

Benefex, the employee benefit provider behind employee experience platform OneHub, published the white paper Employee experience in the new world of work based on the answers of more than 200 employers. It explored the changing demands and priorities for HR leaders and their approaches regarding staff experience, and found that 76% are struggling to adapt theirs to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce.

The majority (96%) state that employee experience has become a more important priority during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Meanwhile, 84% found that budget constraints has undermined efforts to improve it, 79% had difficulties measuring return on investment, and 69% had a lack of ownership around experience and wellbeing.

Three-fifths (62%) state that poor HR technology and processes are hindering their employee experiences and 81% are unable to integrate all elements of it within a single, centralised technology platform.

More than half (51%) rate their employee experience as excellent, 67% of those in the technology and media sector claim their organisation provides an excellent experience and 27% feel that their employees would score it highly. Currently, only a quarter have a platform for this in place, but 67% report that they will be looking to implement one over the next 12 months.

Matt Macri-Waller, founder and CEO at Benefex, explained that HR leaders need to constantly listen to employees to ensure they understand their needs and drivers.

“By doing this, they can develop a unified and sustainable strategy for employee experience which covers all of the bases and is agile to respond to changing needs. It doesn’t really matter whether business and HR leaders think their organisation is delivering a great experience; if employees don’t feel that they’re getting what they need or don’t feel listened to, then the strategy is not working,” he said.