Why now is a great time to introduce employee instant discounts

With our favourite shops and restaurants back open, many are flocking onto the high streets again. This is great for our well-being but not so much for our wallets! However, we’ve been stuck in lockdown for so long that we deserve a little retail therapy. If you want your employees to enjoy their freedom without breaking the bank, then introducing instant discounts to your employee benefits package can be a huge help!

Instant discounts allow your employees to get quick and easy discounts with just a click. All they have to do is choose the discount, pop in their email and the discount immediately arrives in their inbox! Quick and simple access to a wide range of discounts!

Now that you know more about how it works, lets look at some of the benefits for you as an employer and for your employees too.

Benefits for employees  

Over the last year, all of us have found ourselves in varying situations. Some will be ready to get back to the shops for a little retail therapy, whilst others will be tightly budgeting their weekly shop to make sure they have enough money for the month. No matter your budget, instant discounts could help ease the worry of any essential purchases whilst also allowing you to have some guilt-free fun! There are a range of discounts available from holidays, luxuries, gifts, and essential shopping. So, you can find what you want and make use of the discounts available.

After the initial height of the pandemic, a lot of us are finding ways to make life easier going forward and letting go of any unnecessary stresses. With access to instant discounts, you can be flexible because you have access to them on your phone and just need to scan the code in-store. Meaning that if you see anything you like whilst browsing but it’s out of your budget, you can quickly get a discount for your shopping and you’re good to go!

Holidays are also starting to slowly become a possibility again. However, many travel companies and accommodation options have ramped up their prices to make up for the loss of custom over the last year. This means that holidays that once were an easy few days away is now out of budget or would require more planning. Instant discounts can help you get the holiday you want at a cheaper price, without skimping out on the fun!

Finally, our instant discounts run through some of the biggest shopping, entertainment, and leisure providers within the UK so wherever you live, you can make use of these discounts for whatever it is you desire.

Benefits for employers

Further to the great benefits for employees, it’s not all given and no take for you as employers!

As you are also part of the company, you can make use of the discounts available too! So, you don’t have to listen to your colleagues talk about the great deals they’ve managed to get and feel like you’re missing out. People that are in a position of support for others can often spend so much time helping others that their own needs and health and wellbeing get left to last. Particularly those who have a family to take care of at home too. This selflessness can lead to high levels of stress and burnout. Having access to discounts means that you are able to take care of your families’ needs whilst also giving you and your loved ones some much-needed fun.

There is plenty of research from HR professionals and research companies that have found that higher employee retention and satisfaction is linked to more than just the role they have within the company. Employee benefits are a big draw for employees as they help to create a better work-life balance. Particularly ones that are easy to use and support them in their regular expenses. As instant discounts can be accessed anywhere and don’t need employees to sign up to the scheme, there is no extra paperwork or work from you for it to be a benefit to your company.

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