Which employee benefits do employees value the most?

A study by Mastercard found that globally, 58% of consumers said they are now more mindful of their impact on the environment since COVID-19.  The pandemic has also made more of us more conscious of our health and wellbeing.

As an employer, focusing on what your employees value most & how you can best support them is key.

Using your employee benefits package can be a great and straightforward way to help support your employees with what matters most.

Eco-friendly travel

As mentioned in the study by Mastercard, people are becoming increasingly more mindful of their environmental impact.

One of the biggest changes we can make in terms of our carbon footprint is in the way we travel.

A bike scheme can help to get more of your employees commuting by bike and helping to lessen the amount of pollution caused by travelling via car.

If cycling to work isn’t an option, then the car scheme can help your employees to get their hands on an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Commuting loans are also a great way to encourage your employees to travel by public transport which cuts their carbon footprint.

Health & Wellbeing

Someone feeling well in themselves is a big factor as to whether they feel able to work efficiently. If someone is struggling, then trying to get on with their work will be more difficult because they will be distracted by the other things, they need to take care of.

Private Medical Insurance

In the past, Private Medical Insurance hasn’t been seen as a viable option by many employers because of the cost.

However, with the longer wait times for NHS appointments, it may be time to rethink about whether PMI could be a useful resource for your employees.

It could help them to take care of their health without having to worry that too much of their time will be spent waiting for and at appointments.

Healthy Living Library

Whilst it’s important that people feel able to speak to a doctor about their health, there are many ways they can look after their own health at home by making small changes or by accessing other support other than from their doctors.

Our healthy living library at Caboodle can help to provide your employees with the information and support networks they need to manage their health through their employee benefits platform.

Whether this is taking care of their general health or getting treatment for a specific condition, the information is free, impartial and can be accessed whenever is needed.

Financial Wellbeing

Money worries can be another big stress point for employees, and this can impact on their engagement at work because they are thinking about how they are going to solve their money problems.

Using your company benefits to help ease their financial worries could be a huge support and improve their engagement at work.

Financial Planning

A financial planning service is a great scheme to have as part of your employee benefits offering because it gives your employees access to impartial and professional financial advice on a range of topics.

This helps to make sure that not only can they change their current financial habits, but they have the tools to develop smarter financial habits in future.

Financial education library

Similar to the healthy living library, our financial education library at Caboodle can help to give your employees the information and support networks that they need to create better financial habits.

As a wide range of topics are covered in the library, most of your employees’ financial needs will be covered.

Employee discounts

It’s important to not only help employees to make better financial choices but to give them the chance to cut the cost of their regular spending. Instant discounts can be set up for lots of different retailers, both online and offline. Employees can also use their discount codes alongside any retailer offers for further discounts on their purchases!

Check out our employee benefits buyers guide for more information on how your employee benefits package can support your employees.