What to do when you can’t afford to raise salaries

As we enter into the new year, companies across the country may be considering new ways to support their staff.

Financial pressures have impacted both individuals and businesses over the past year as we all try to cope with rising prices – from energy to food to fuel.

As a result of money stress, employees say they are less productive, spend more time managing their finances at work and take more sick days, according to Claro Wellbeing’s Workplace Today report. Almost one in five (19%) workers say they plan to leave their current job for one offering a higher salary if the cost of living crisis continues or gets worse.

To retain staff, as well as boost their wellbeing and productivity, some firms have been able to offer salary increases in line with inflation, but this hasn’t been feasible for all. Others have given staff one-off cash bonuses, although this is not a long-term solution.

But what else can you do? Click here for some ideas.