What is work-life balance for your employees and how can you spot if they are having problems?

Work-life balance is a topic that is being discussed in organisations across the globe as employees wrestle with the changing COVID workplace and lines between home and work being more blurred than ever before. How much do you know about work-life balance and could you spot the signs if any of your employees were having problems?

To help explore these questions, we published a two-part blog series examining the issues and to help organisations and managers spot the signs that their colleagues may be struggling to get the balance right. We explore issues in relation to boundaries, expectations, and support to help shine a light on this agenda.

In the second blog in the series, which we will highlight over the coming days, we suggest some strategies, tips, and ideas that could help both managers and employees to stay on the right track.

If you want to know how can you spot if your employees are struggling to get the balance between work and home right then click here to read more.