Wave implements new employee benefits platform

Wave employee benefits National water retailer Wave is implementing a benefits platform to enable it to offer a more flexible and personalised package for employees.

Through the platform, which is provided by Zest and will be rolled out in October, Wave’s employees will be able to access all benefits in a single place.

While Wave’s existing benefits package meets employees’ needs, the previous lack of such a platform meant some were unsure how to access the options available to them. Its new platform will increase accessibility, allow benefits to be tailored towards different groups to increase usefulness and take up, and improve employees’ engagement with their package.

Jane Austin, director of HR at Wave, said: “Though our internal survey found that employees were extremely happy with their benefits, they had to navigate various parts of the Wave internal directory to access benefits information. Partnering with Zest means that we can improve accessibility, provide a total reward statement for the first time, helping us to ensure that we are providing positive employee experiences.”

Jane Austin will be speaking on ‘Financial education as the third element of wellbeing at Employee Benefits Live on Wednesday 4 October at Excel, London. Find out more and register to attend.