Uncover the 2023 trends to help HR leaders navigate change

[Video on demand] The past few years have tested HR leaders in unprecedented ways; from adjusting to remote working to the onslaught of mass resignations. It’s no question that it has been a struggle for many as HR leaders have adapted. And yet, as we head into another year of unknowns, 2023 is certainly going to bring a whole new set of challenges.

Reward Gateway hosted a webinar in January with international HR leadership and thought leader, Brigette Hyacinth to bring to life the results uncovered in our research on the big HR trends and impactful strategies to adopt in 2023. The topics cover the state of employee wellbeing and the power of reward and recognition in creating change in the workplace.

Watch the recorded webinar to discover this, as well as:

  • The disconnects between what employees want and what HR leaders think they want
  • How to support your people in the face of economic challenges
  • Six key strategies to counteract employee disengagement

Dive into the recording here