The age of agility: Flexible, adaptable and resilient benefits

Thomson’s Online Benefits’ latest report looks at the shifting objectives of over 500 HR and benefits professionals at multinational organizations, specifically as they relate to benefits and technology. With over 2000 individuals surveyed, Thomson’s findings reveal if the benefits and technology experience employees receive from employers measures up to their expectations.

Leading HR analyst Josh Bersin introduces the report with his thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated HR issues and shifted trends, with technology firmly at the heart of an organization’s ability to stay agile, resilient and connected.

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Download the report for a unique insight into:

  1. Organization’s benefits priorities and strategies for the next 12 months, with delivering a consistent global employee experience topping the agenda
  2. The undue risk employers are exposed to as a result of insecure data transfer processes
  3. The shift towards benefits centralization and what that means organizations and employees
  4. The plans employers need to put in place to ensure their employees’ needs are being met

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