Supporting and Improving Employee Wellbeing: Three Areas to Consider

Most UK workplaces have opened up again, meaning more people are returning to work. With a heightened sense of anxiety over the return back to work, employee wellbeing should be top of the agenda for companies.

56% of employers said they would like to do more to improve staff wellbeing but don’t feel they have the correct training or guidance. Looking after your staff is not only good for your business, but it is good for your people, creating a sense of safety and belonging. Here at Each Person, we understand the importance of employee wellbeing. But also, how manageable it can be to implement strategies in place to improve it.

Here are some of our top three areas to consider when looking at improving and supporting employee wellbeing.

Strong Employee Relationship 

Firstly, employee relations may seem inconsequential. However, they are vital to improving employee wellbeing. Those who have formed working relationships are seven times more likely to be engaged. As a result of this, your people become happier and more proactive within their role.

Maintaining workplace relationships has changed and become difficult due to covid-19. On the other hand, remote working has offered a plethora of opportunities for online team building. WFH has also had a positive impact on workplace inclusivity. Thus, individuals feel more welcome and can form better relationships with one another.

Strong employee relationships and other perks at work not only improve team members’ moods but also increase their productivity. Therefore, encouraging these friendships is vital to the improvement of employee wellbeing.

Building Better Communication

Following on from employee relationships, communication between team members enables continued employee wellbeing. 30% of staff don’t feel able to openly talk with their line manager if feeling stressed. Without a strong foundation for communication, team members will become alienated and consequently less productive.

As previously mentioned, covid-19 may have impacted how easy it is to converse with employees. However, with Each Person Ecards, you can communicate practically and excitingly. 50% of employees say a simple thank you would make them feel more valued sending personalised ecards for employees is a perfect way to say thank you for your hard work and build new forms of communication.

In other words, rewards and recognition in the office or from home, their thoughts and opinions matter, and giving a straightforward means to communicate ideas and feelings is a great way to support employee wellbeing.

Supporting Employee Wellbeing

Finally, supporting those in need is vital to the longevity of employee wellbeing. A study from Mind UK found that one in five agreed that they had called in sick to avoid work when asked how workplace stress had affected them. There are many more shocking statistics following on from this which prove how significant workplace wellbeing is. Without safe, engaged, and proactive staff, teams can fall short and lose their ability to work well.

The Mental Health Charter is a flexible and consistent charter helping to provide all businesses within the UK a means to access mental health support, training, and awareness. Each Person has recently signed the charter to help our staff and continue supporting employee wellbeing even further.

In summary, employee wellbeing is especially prominent in 2021. With the return to work and new ways of working, your people may feel overwhelmed, anxious and unsafe. Therefore, keeping their wellbeing and the centre of your company will help maintain a healthy, energetic and dynamic workforce.

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