Start strong: orient your financial wellbeing strategy with these 12 steps

If you’re a benefits or wellbeing professional getting started on a financial wellbeing strategy, this article, published in full here by the team at Claro Wellbeing, will help shape your planning and research.

Strengthening your people’s benefits package with a financial wellbeing strategy can be overwhelming at first. Finances are complex. People even more so.

In this article, the Claro Wellbeing team break down the 12 steps of building a financial wellbeing strategy at your organisation – from first steps, to key decisions and ongoing improvements – pairing common concerns of each stage with resources to help move you forward.

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These steps include:

  1. Be clear on ‘the why’
  2. Know your data points
  3. Measuring your financial wellbeing strategy
  4. Avoid wellbeing washing
  5. Figure out what kinds of support your employees need
  6. Keep up engagement over time
  7. Get your team aligned on choosing a provider to support you
  8. Get buy-in from your team, the finance department and the CFO
  9. Create ways to collect feedback
  10. Help normalise conversations around financial wellbeing
  11. Support wider organisation initiatives
  12. Review how you’re measuring your success

Click here to be taken to the complete article on the Claro Wellbeing blog.