Should you offer an employee assistance programme?

Why should I have an Employee Assistance Programme?
An (EAP) could be the benefit that you need to help your team feel comfortable and well looked after at work. An Employee Assistance Programme is a form of employee benefit that can be designed to address stress, anxiety and personal problems, in turn improving workplace wellbeing.

An EAP can give employees the opportunity to receive confidential counselling, emotional support and guidance that could benefit their mental health and improve their overall happiness. This can consist of face to face meetings, telephone support, and wellbeing assessments.

An Employee Assistance Programme can provide your workforce with support around:

  • Major life events, such as births, accidents and deaths
  • Work-related stress and pressures
  • Work relationship concerns
  • Personal financial concerns
  • Personal relationship concerns.

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Why should I have an Employee Assistance Programme?
An EAP could help you recruit, reward and retain your workforce:

  • Stress is one of the main causes of absenteeism in the UK*. Stress has also been linked to physical problems which can cause absenteeism. It makes perfect sense that tackling stress will support managing prolonged sick leave.
  • Mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, can have a negative impact on the motivation of your team andproductivity of your business.
  • Stress can affect workplace relationships; this can have a knock-on affect with employees’ ability to work as a team. Alleviating stress can also have a huge positive affect on your company’s overall workplace culture and sense of community.

Offering an EAP helps demonstrate the value you place on your employees general health and wellbeing, not just in the workplace. Employees that feel appreciated and valued are more likely to stay. New talent is attracted to a business that demonstrates this appreciation.