Selling Sunset: What HR Can Learn from the Netflix Real Estate Show

You may or may not have seen the Los Angeles located, nitty-gritty real estate show, Selling Sunset on Netflix (I recommend you give it a watch!) Whether you know who ‘The Oppenheim Group’ are or whether you even care, one thing’s for sure; there’s always something we can learn from popular TV. Especially when the shows biggest star has over two million followers on Instagram you can bet someone in your team has seen it!

But by now, most households have Netflix or another streaming platform in their home. That includes HR leaders, decision-makers and managers. So, what is it about the seven headstrong estate agents and two brothers that we like so much or love to hate and what can HR actually learn from them?

Five Points to Take from Selling Sunset

1. Hard Work Pays Off

We’re not talking about burnout here. However, working to the best of your ability and staying on the mark can truly help achieve goals. Therefore, HR can use this Selling Sunset reminder that even when there’s an enormous workload, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps even a margarita. Remember always to say thank you for your hard work to any team member!

“I’m Not Afraid To Get Down And Dirty. It’s Honestly Not Always Glamorous.”

– Maya Vander, Selling Sunset

2. Work Friendships Create Trust

This one from Selling Sunset is simple. Cultivating work relations and blossoming friendships with your people will create meaningful bonds and trust. In turn, the trust allows open communication and effective teamwork.

3. Never Down Play Yourself

Or your team, for that matter! Keeping your head held high and never belittling a win is vital to influencing confidence amongst your people! The girls in Selling Sunset sure know. Go even further with rewards and recognition for those who do their best and reach milestones! Introducing an employee reward scheme is a flawless way to do just that.

“Food And Botox. I Mean, Come On. I’m Genius.”

– Christine Quinn, Selling Sunset

4. Respect Every Person

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees (or the bricks for the house). Nevertheless, everyone must respect those around them, including managers. When you show respect, you receive respect.

5. Things Can Get Hard but Help Each Other

Last but not least, everyone is affected by mental health once in a while. However, keeping those bonds you’ve created together is essential to bringing yourself back up. What’s more, you could even introduce ways to equip your people with the critical skills to face whatever life throws at them, such as a Wellbeing Hub.

“Have You Ever Been Knocked Over By A Wave And You Don’t Know Which Way To Swim To Get Up?”

– Chrishell Stause, Selling Sunset

To sum up our Sunset piece, we’d like to remind you that each person is a vital part of the team and helps create success. Additionally, it doesn’t matter who you are, but everyone can win.

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