Schuh ensures inclusivity with financial wellbeing support

Schuh ensures its financial wellbeing support is offered to all of its employees, whether they work remotely, in store, or in its head office, to maintain inclusivity across all teams.

The fashion footwear retailer has 124 stores in the UK, Ireland and online, and employs around 4,000 people across the UK and Ireland.

Schuh provides its employees with access to financial benefits platform Wagestream which allows them to choose when and how they receive their pay, helps them to set and achieve savings goals through automatic contributions on payday, and offers access to certified financial coaches and tools for building financial resilience.

The employer additionally offers an employee assistance programme that includes financial wellbeing resources and a financial aid fund through its partnership with the Retail Trust.

The organisation engages employees with financial wellbeing support when they work in multiple locations by ensuring that everyone is able to access it easily, explains Amy Lloyd, head of people at Schuh.

“Our financial wellbeing support is accessible to all employees, regardless of their location, through the Wagestream app, which provides real-time, 24/7 access on their phones,” she says. “Additionally, our partnership with the Retail Trust offers flexible options, allowing employees to choose how they access their resources and tools; whether through the app, a helpline call, or the website.”

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Schuh communicates its support to all employees during their onboarding process to ensure they are immediately aware of the resources available to them from day one of their employment. It also provides regular updates through its internal communication platform, Schuhbox, and hosts webinars with Wagestream and the Retail Trust to keep staff informed and engaged throughout their careers.

“To ensure we are meeting our employees’ needs effectively, we hold regular meetings with our dedicated account managers at Wagestream and the Retail Trust to review engagement rates and usage of the available tools,” says Lloyd. “This data informs how we communicate support options to our employees. We also actively review team feedback and foster open communication through our information and consultation surveys.”