Providing a winning employee discount scheme

2021 has seen rising inflation, rising energy prices and an overall rise in the cost of living in the UK with planned increases to National Insurance too.

A common misconception about employee discount schemes is that they’re all about grabbing a great deal or treating yourself.

The reality is, a wide-ranging employee discount scheme can help employees save in all areas of life including with the everyday essentials, which can help save loads over the course of a year, often hundreds for families.

Schemes like these are a lot more versatile than they appear on the surface, and the right provider can help you offer an employee discount scheme that suits your employees down to the ground.

So, how can these schemes help? And why should employers consider them?

Finding the right scheme

Different providers and different schemes offer various set-ups, benefits and discounts.

Some schemes provide a higher number of discounts or discounts at a wider range of stores and retailers. Others provide different levels of discount with various costs to the employer. There are apps too to help make discounts more easily available to employees.

When finding the right scheme for you and your employees, don’t get drawn in by freebies. The right provider will offer a scheme that suits your budget, suits your employees and provides a wide range of great discounts that can offer so much more to suit all your staff.

At caboodle, we provide a multi-level employee discount scheme to help you find the right scheme to suit your budget while providing a great range of discounts your employees will love. Find out more here.

How employees are using the scheme

There are loads of examples of how employees are using discount schemes to save, from big purchases to everyday essentials. The savings can really add up when it comes to home improvements and DIY for example or even new tech, while savings on regular, everyday shopping like at the supermarkets can really add up throughout the year.

Employee discount schemes can of course be used regularly throughout the year and are only restricted by the range of discounts your scheme offers.

With the employee instant discount scheme we provide, employees can use discounts on top of online and in-store offers and promotions too, so the savings go even further. Our employee benefits app also gives employees a handy savings summary showing how much they’ve saved using their employee discounts.

These examples only scratch the surface of how a scheme like this can benefit your employees.

Winning the war for talent with employee benefits

A great lifestyle employee benefits offering can really help differentiate your business as an employer.

Research has shown many employers either have or are looking to increase salaries in line with inflation but to also attract and retain talent in a highly competitive market. However, it’s the whole compensation and benefits package as one that can make a real difference in hitting recruitment and retention targets.

Providing a wide range of great discounts that are highly relevant and sought after will help attract and retain top talent and make a real difference to the lives of employees in the process.

Simple, easy and highly effective

With employee discount schemes, there’s very minimal admin and they’re very quick and easy to set up and run with the right provider. There’s no scheme windows or applications to manage and employees can use their discounts all year round.

Employers can work with providers to adjust the scheme to suit them and their employees too, making it incredibly flexible and easy to manage.

As part of an employee benefits platform, an employee discount scheme can help drive up-take of other employee benefit schemes too.

A cost-effective employee benefit

As mentioned, there’s an employee discount scheme out there to suit all budgets and all employees.

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The scheme is low-maintenance, low risk and easy to implement with the right provider.

Plus, it can help boost recruitment and retention and create a more attractive compensation and benefits package!