Poll: 33% feel Good Work Standard will lead to staff being better paid

Sadiq Khan

Employee Benefits poll: A third (33%) of Employee Benefits readers believe that the Good Work Standard, an employment benchmark introduced by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan (pictured), will lead to more employees being paid the voluntary London living wage rate, currently set at £10.55 an hour.

A straw poll of www.employeebenefits.co.uk readers, which received 30 responses, also found that 30% of employers think the Good Work Standard will create a greater focus on workplace wellbeing, while 7% feel the benchmark will place more emphasis on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Although 27% do not know what the key impacts will be, 3% believe that it will better support career progression.

The Good Work Standard was launched on Monday 29 July 2019 by Khan as a new benchmark to recognise organisations for implementing and maintaining high employment standards. The scheme features a set of criteria that accredited employers have to demonstrate, including fair pay and conditions, employee wellbeing, skills and progression, diversity and recruitment.

Developed in conjunction with London-based employers, trade unions and professional bodies, the Good Work Standard aims to clarify the employment standards that Khan wishes organisations in London to achieve; this includes paying all staff at least the voluntary London live wage rate, currently £10.55 an hour.

A number of public, private and third-sector employers have already signed up. This includes retailer Lush, financial organisation Lloyds Bank, Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police Service, Southwark Council and professional services firm Deloitte.