New recruit hops into role as Yuba City Police Department’s wellness officer

yuba city police wellness officer
Image credit: YCPD Facebook Page

Something for the weekend: Yuba City Police Department (YCPD) in Sacramento, US, has taken a unique approach to promoting employee wellness, giving the responsibility to an emotional support bunny.

Officer Percy (pictured) was named after Percy Street, where he was discovered in October 2022 by soon-to-be coworker Officer Carson, who was patrolling south Yuba City. The rabbit appeared lost, and Carson soon discovered he was docile and friendly when she picked him up to help him avoid harm.

This proved to be a strong first impression, and when Percy was not claimed from animal control by his family, he was adopted by the Yuba City Police Department’s police services analyst.

Ambitious Officer Percy was evidently not satisfied with simply finding a new home, and as of 5 April officially charmed his way into a full-time role as the department’s wellness officer. According to the Yuba City Police Department, his furry friendship is just one of the benefits offered to help staff prioritise mental and physical health.

As for Percy himself, workplace stress does not appear to be a concern, considering reports that his responsibilities largely include lounging in the police department during the day.

In a Facebook post announcing the appointment, the Yuba City Police Department said: “Our wellness programme promotes the importance of prioritising mental and physical health, providing tools and resources to reduce stress, and [creating] a positive foundation for wellbeing.

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“Most enjoy [Percy’s] company, while some are still getting used to the idea of a rabbit being inside a police department.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we know that one of the best perks about working from home is being able to be near our various furry friends for a quick wellbeing pick-me-up. We are glad that Yuba police now get the chance to experience this even when on the beat!