Modibodi offers employees leave for menstruation, menopause and miscarriages

Sustainable period pants brand Modibodi has launched a new policy offering its employees paid leave for menstruation, menopause and miscarriage symptoms.

Employees will be entitled to an additional 10 days paid personal leave per year in addition to the organisation’s existing sick leave entitlements. Modibodi said these days are to be used by staff suffering menstrual or menopause symptoms which interfere with their ability to work, or if they suffer a miscarriage or pregnancy loss.

Modibodi said it has introduced this policy in light of the large number of employees who experience miscarriage, menopause and menstruation within the workplace, and the need to recognise the impact on women and to further support them.

Kristy Chong, founder and CEO of Modibodi, said: “We’ve introduced these policies as part of our commitment to talk openly and honestly about periods, to normalise conversations about menstruation and to remove any stigma and shame associated with a normal, natural part of life.

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“We’re acknowledging the fact every individual’s experience of their cycle is different and we believe having a specific policy helps breakdown stigma and taboos so people don’t need to lie or feel awkward taking days off when they’re suffering.

“I believe this policy will actually boost productivity, loyalty and openness in our workplace, and we’re doing what we feel is right for our employees. However, this is a policy which needs to be established genuinely and with the understanding people can access it openly when they need it without any stigma or repercussions, it can’t be done for a PR benefit.”