Making Space rewards staff with pay rise

Adult health and social care services charity Making Space has given its more than 1,000 members of staff a pay increase to a minimum of £9.90 per hour from April 2022.

The rise, which will see full-time support workers earn an additional £1,700 each year, ensures that all employees will receive the voluntary real living wage that is recommended by the Living Wage Foundation.

Staff who are already on pay points that are equal to or exceeding £9.90 per hour will also see their annual income increase, with 85% of all workers receiving a rise of between 3.9% and 9.2% by April 2022. The current minimum hourly rate for adults ranges from £6.56 to £8.91 depending on age.

In addition, as of last month (January) the charity also committed to paying the new UK statutory national living wage three months ahead of schedule. This will ensure many employees receive two pay rises within the space of three months.

According to the business, it is investing just under half a million pounds in the increases, which will benefit all frontline care and support workers. The investment is in line with its commitment to attract, develop and support “exceptional” staff.

Phil Orton, Making Space’s executive director of HR, explained that the charity’s long-standing aspiration has been to pay employees at a rate that makes them feel rewarded for the work that they do.

“They deserve to be paid at a level that takes account of the real cost of living which is why we want to pay a real living wage,” he said.

Rachel Peacock, the charity’s CEO, added: “We absolutely value the hard work, commitment and sacrifice of the amazing people who provide the best quality care and support to the people that use our services. Bringing forward the pay increase helps us to reward those incredible efforts and show the value that we place upon our frontline roles.”