Make your business more attractive with an employer value proposition

What’s in it for me? It’s the burning question in most candidates’ minds as they consider their next career move. If your firm fails to answer this question or explain what makes you different from every other organisation, you’ll struggle to recruit and retain the right talent for your business.

Read on to find out how an employer value proposition (EVP) solves this challenge.

Make first impressions count
How does your organisation come across in terms of brand, the clarity of your total reward package and job role and your organisation’s mission, vision and values?

If the answer is less than clear, it’s time to create or revamp your EVP. Doing so boosts employee engagement, attracts and retains top talent and it can even improve the bottom line for your business.

Research from Willis Towers Watson finds that your EVP should go beyond what employees get in return for their labour and incorporate cultural items too. A complete EVP should include:

  • Compensation – competitive salaries that are established using fair process
  • Benefits – including company car, pension, health cover, flexible working and anything else you provide
  • Career and personal development – the opportunity to train and develop professionally and, increasingly, personally
  • Environment – a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities, recognition, autonomy and challenge
  • Culture – organisational mission, vision and values, expected behaviours, supportive colleagues and leaders, working style, approach to communication, social responsibility and trust

Creating a powerful EVP
To create an EVP that packs a punch, you’ll need to create a strong employer brand and communication plan. Your EVP roadmap needs to cover these key steps:

Find out what’s working well and what needs improvement
Review any feedback from your employees to understand what your organisation does well and what’s lacking. You could look at employee engagement surveys or create a specific questionnaire to gain detailed feedback on your employee experience.

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