Lucie Greene: The future of work post-Covid 19

When it comes to workplaces, one of the most obvious changes we will see post-Covid 19 is the shift to remote working. Most businesses have been suddenly thrown into remote working and have had to very quickly set their teams up virtually. This is something we will see continue post-pandemic. What was once a luxury will now be commonplace and even mandatory.

Mental health and wellbeing will become a key focus after Covid-19. The booming anxiety economy already showed that we were facing a global, escalating sense of anxiety. After the pandemic, this sense of anxiety will only increase. Prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of employees will have to be central to employers after Covid-19.

We will see more innovative workplaces after the pandemic. This is something Carla Johnson says, a business influencer and renowned storyteller: “What worked in the past, won’t work going forward. This is an opportunity for innovation.”

Unfortunately, income inequality will become an increasing problem, something we are already seeing. At the Virtual Fast Forward Forum 2020 in April, Cindy Gallop, advertising consultant, explained that she has noticed there is a growing gap between those still able to spend and consume, and those struggling to survive, saying that the pandemic has both exacerbated and demonstrated income inequality like nothing else.

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Many people are already expecting a sustainability minded ‘conscious consumer’ post Covid-19, and we could also see this with talent. People may be more conscious about the kinds of organisations they want to work for, only wanting to be employed by those who are working to fight climate change and possibly those who protected employees during the Coronavirus crisis.

Lucie Greene is a trend forecaster, author and founder of Light Years, a Los Angeles-based Futures Practice.