Jobilla plants smart green walls to make wellbeing blossom

Jobilla wellbeingSomething for the weekend: Talent acquisition business Jobilla has equipped its Berlin office with Nordic smart green wall technology in order to grow its employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.

Jobilla first worked with Finnish indoor nature technology firm Naava five years ago, after it designed and installed the walls in its Helsinki office. They were placed into its renovated conference room, which employees had previously described as difficult to work in due to a lack of proper air ventilation.

The business was clearly frond of the impact, as it strategically placed five Naava smart green walls in common areas at its Berlin office so everyone can experience their benefits. More are set to be added soon.

The living plants of the walls purify the air, remove harmful chemicals, improve air quality, and optimise the humidity in the space through the use of proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The natural greenery is intended to be visually calming and create a stress-relieving ambience through the plants’ subtle acoustic stimuli, which is reminiscent of a natural running water sound.

Tommi Siro, co-founder and chief governance officer of Jobilla, said: “Previously, we worked in an office with poor ventilation in some parts. In this conference room, the air quality was particularly bad, so we began looking for solutions. We want to ensure that our employees feel good at work, and in their everyday lives. And all of this, of course, as sustainably as possible.

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“Naava is a very special wall that ensures that the air our employees breathe in is clean and healthy. When we rented the first office in Berlin, I knew we needed Naava technology here as well. The difference we noticed back then in Finland was just massive and our employees really enjoy the walls.”

This technology sounds like an unbe-leaf-able idea to us here at Employee Benefits, and we’re rooting for more employers to use the natural world to help staff wellbeing bloom.