The Santander Group extends physical activity benefit to 200,000 global employees

The Santander Group

Banking organisation The Santander Group has extended its wellness programme to offer more than 200,000 global employees access to a physical activity benefit.

The Santander Group has expanded its partnership with corporate wellbeing provider Gympass to offer all of its global employees access to more than 35,000 gyms, studios and health clubs across 14 countries.

Roberto di Bernardini, global HR director at The Santander Group, said: “The health of our employees is the health of the [organisation]. For this reason, we are committed to being one of the healthiest [organisations] in the world, offering our [employees] in all geographies benefits related to health and wellbeing, and raising awareness of these through our BeHealthy programme.

“This is a fantastic benefit to offer employees, which applies to all people, including [employees] from the commercial network and contact centres, who traditionally do not have access to corporate facilities. It is a unique opportunity to reach people with a completely universal benefit.”

The bank piloted the benefit in both Brazil and the UK, in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Following this, the organisation’s operating site in Spain will launch Gympass in September 2018. The remainder of The Santander Group’s operating locations will launch the benefit in line with each country’s local strategy.

The Santander Group operates across 22 countries including Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, and the USA.

The bank is expanding the Gympass benefit as part of its BeHealthy programme, which launched in 2016. This aims to encourage employees to develop healthy habits across four wellbeing pillars. These are ‘know your numbers’, ‘be balanced’, ‘eat’ and ‘move’. Gympass will be the key component within the move pillar, which focuses around exercise to best suit employees’ physical condition and health.