Case Study: EasyJet

In 2006, EasyJet wanted to create a motivation scheme for its 5,500 employees that reinforced its business goals of keeping costs low, safety paramount, and customer service high.

To achieve these aims, the airline introduced the Gem awards, which stands for “going the extra mile”. Employees can nominate one another or a whole team for behaviour that encapsulates the values of safety or customer service. This can include highlighting a particular hazard, taking action to keep customers safe, or an example of great customer service.

A judging panel then votes on the nominations, and winners receive vouchers from AYMTM, which designed the scheme, to spend on travel, gifts and shopping. Since the scheme was established, it has received more than 1,500 nominations, and awarded £80,000 to staff.

In April this year, the company introduced a new strand to the scheme to reward staff who come up with ideas for ways in which the business can cut costs, called Ideas Pay. So far, this has received more than 400 nominations, and 52 employees have been rewarded for their suggestions.

Andy Turnbull, organisational development manager, says the scheme is designed to reward staff who live out the company values, and deliver “low cost with care and convenience”.