Is your employee recognition programme meaningful enough? Five ways to make yours count

by Debra Corey, Best-Selling Author & Advisor to Reward Gateway

We all like to be recognised, to feel appreciated for our actions and for our behaviors. But is the act of recognising enough?

Well, sometimes. But more often than not, it can cause more harm than good. And that’s because if recognition is not done in a meaningful way it’s like a skinny latte, or what the barista called a “why bother.” When I asked what that meant, he explained that you don’t get a true coffee experience if you don’t have it made the “right” way, meaning something more full bodied and flavourful, the way it was designed to be.

In other words, even though I was drinking coffee, I was doing it a disservice by letting myself “skinny” down the experience. The same thing is true in recognition. If you don’t do it right, you might find yourself in that position and asking, why did we even bother?

This is down to us all having different individual perspectives based on our generation and/or culture, e.g. what recognition experiences have we been exposed to and thus feel comfortable with?

So how can you get meaningful recognition “right” at your company? Click here for a few tips to get you started.