International Honesty Day: The Key To An Inclusive Workplace

International Honesty day will soon be upon us. The celebration will take place at the end of April and was created to encourage people and companies to act with honesty. Honesty Day gives us the perfect opportunity to discuss how enabling honesty at work creates an inclusive workplace and boosts employee wellbeing. There are endless benefits to celebrating Honesty Day, not limited to the fact it shows your team that you care.

Honesty can take many forms. While we don’t suggest forcing your employees to open up about personal information such as well-being and identity, workplaces should strive to create an environment where people are comfortable expressing themselves if they want to.

Why is Having an Honest and Inclusive Workplace Important?

Inclusivity and diversity are becoming increasingly important in workplaces. It is important that employees can be honest and feel comfortable raising issues. A 2020 Glassdoor survey found that 76% of both existing employees and job-seekers said a diverse workforce was essential when looking at job opportunities and companies.

Not only this, but employers should strive to create an environment where workers can celebrate Pride, Black History month, Eid, and other celebrations without fear of judgement or discrimination. In a recent survey, nearly a quarter of employees admitted they had experienced discrimination in their current job.

Employees must feel supported and confident when raising issues regarding discrimination. Openness surrounding these topics could also prove beneficial to employers’ staff turnover rates. 40% of employees who have experienced harassment, bullying or stereotyping at work said they sought alternative employment opportunities or left their workplace as a result. 

How To Improve Honesty and Inclusivity at work?

Creating an atmosphere where employees are happy being honest about who they are, requires education and acceptance. Thankfully there is a range of resources available to make sure everyone on your team is comfortable. You can educate yourself in many ways, such as ensuring you have an LGBTQ friendly workplace or investigating your biases using the Implicit Association Test.

Improving understanding can boost employee wellbeing. 73% of employees are more likely to perform better when they feel their voices are heard at work. As well as this, genuinely inclusive teams are more likely to make better decisions 87% of the time. 

How Can You Show That You Care About Your People?

At Each Person, we are passionate about helping our clients foster an inclusive workplace by delivering perks at work. Why not celebrate Honesty Day and your colleagues’ individuality on the 30th of April by sending them an ecard?! Make sure you’re honest and tell them just how great they are.

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