HR trends to watch out for in 2021

We have all had to adjust to change since the COVID 19 pandemic. From remote working, greater emphasis on employee wellbeing and mental health and adapting to the new employee experience. Here’s a look into the new normal working world and HR trends to look out for this 2021.

Feeling more connected during COVID 19

As we all try to remain connected despite working from home, it is more important than ever to keep businesses and employees feeling positive, virtual gatherings are a fun new HR trend that many businesses have introduced as a way for employees to interact with each other. Many people who are used to office life miss the daily encounters with colleagues, it’s important to stay connected and reach out, whether it be finding out what everyone’s been working on or scheduling weekly calls just to talk about how everyone is, communication has been proven to help people feel more connected and more part of a community.

Remote Working

With the virtual workplace replacing the traditional office 98% of employees said that they would like the option to work from home at least some of the week, since the COVID 19 pandemic, businesses, and their employees have had to learn how best to switch to remote working. There is a range of benefits to remote working for businesses and their employees, more flexible working hours, no commuting, and a better work-life balance.

Organisations and employees may be realising the benefits of remote working creating a shift in mindsets that will likely shape the future of our workspaces and routines post COVID, whilst others may be keen to return to their normal work environment. Will the latest HR trend of remote working be widely accepted causing many businesses to rethink the way they work?

Research has shown that people may be struggling to switch off from work since the pandemic, as people are working remotely it can become difficult to separate work life from home life, a method to combat this is for HR and businesses to take a proactive approach to employee wellbeing & mental health and encourage employees to look after themselves and their mental wellbeing.

Greater focus on Employee Mental Health

Wellbeing is high on everyone’s agenda, COVID 19 has left businesses and their employees all around the world trying to adapt to new ways of working. Navigating the changes COVID has left on the working world has made left businesses and their employees feeling stressed and uneasy. The good news is businesses across the globe are continuing to prioritize the wellbeing of their workforces. Mental health and well-being initiatives that have been introduced more and more in workplaces include:

-Minimising remote burn out
-Encouraging new communications, addressing employee wellbeing, remote working, and employee safety
-Ensuring employees have access to mental health resources
-Ensuring that managers keep in touch with employees and create an   open environment to discuss any mental health concerns

Honest, open, clear communication is key to maintaining the health, safety, and productivity of businesses and their employees.

Adapting to the New Employee Experience

2020 has already forced many businesses and their employees to rethink what the employee experience means, with a shift towards remote working and less job security many of us are still adjusting to the new normal working world.

As more and more people are navigating through change and turning to remote working, the employee experience has become more important than ever. HR teams across the globe are looking at ways to improve the new ‘Covid 19 employee experience’. More emphasis on mental wellbeing, better communication across teams, and listening to employees are all critical for workplace satisfaction.

While it’s healthy to acknowledge the challenges this year will bring, it’s also important to understand the opportunities we have in 2021 to positively help businesses and their employees, it is vital we continue to adapt to new situations, we can all learn from the past year and come together to build a better and brighter future.