How to make employee wellness a priority

Investing in the wellness of staff is vital to a productive, satisfied and happy workplace. It is important to take employee wellness seriously in order to get the most out of your employees.

Lead from the top down
Employee wellness will have a better chance of succeeding if the programme is supported and participated in by the higher ups. Leading from the top down will demonstrate that you are practising what you preach and employee wellness is a top priority. Employees will be more willing to embrace a health and wellness change in company culture if they see leadership taking part in the initiatives.

Create a wellness policy
Every company must have a health and safety policy but there isn’t the same legal requirement for a wellness policy. Much like you would outline your company’s commitment to managing your employees’ health and safety effectively, you should do the same with regards to employee wellness. A wellness policy should encompass a 360° approach to ensure the physical, emotional and social wellness needs of the workforce are met proactively. A wellness policy will clearly outline your company’s dedication to employee wellness, how you intend to achieve this and clarity over your company’s actions.

Involve employees in the planning
If you are thinking of implementing a wellness programme within your company, you should consider asking for your employees for their input. A focus group or survey could help determine the needs of your workforce, what they would like improved and what they believe will help achieve that. Involving your staff in the planning process of the wellness programme will make them feel like their input is valued and will be taken seriously. It is also important to share the progress of the wellness programme with employees so that they feel involved in your company’s wellness journey.

Encourage a more active workforce
Healthier employees are better for business. 27% fewer sick days are taken by physically active workers and £8 billion per year could be saved by UK businesses by implementing better mental wellbeing support in the workplace. Regular physical activity can help prevent colds, minimise the risk of type 2 diabetes, boosts your thinking ability, reduces the risk of cancer, strengthens muscles/bones/joints, maintain a healthy weight, keep your heart healthy and fight off the winter blues.

Make it fun and relatable
Employee wellness brings the opportunity to have some fun within the workplace and create a better work relationship between colleagues. Team bonding activities can challenge, engage and unite your team with fun events. Utilise team events as a chance to build trust and develop problem solving strategies, team bonding activities can be the foundation of your wellness strategy and the starting point in changing your company culture.